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10 Reasons to start building muscles

October 11, 2017

Muscles aren’t just for a bulky look, everyone needs a fair amount of muscles through a regular exercise to stay healthy. Muscle mass has so many benefits apart from great looks, including efficient metabolism of calories, fast recovery from disease and energetic life. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, muscle atrophy, joint injury, cervical pains and stress are some of the consequences of our modern sedentary lifestyle and they don’t need to be an inevitable part of our life. We can beat them by devoting few minutes of our day.

Though the perks of building muscles are limitless, here are few of them. 🙂build muscles



  1. INCREASES PERFORMANCE Proper diet and strength training increases stamina and the everyday chore will seem as a piece of cake to you and you will feel less tired and more energetic. Thereby improving the quality of life.
  2. REDUCES WEIGHT Muscles burns more calories, by increasing muscles, you can burn excess calories and fat thus reduces weight. For each pound of muscle you gain, your body uses about 50 extra calories a day.
  3. HIGH METABOLISM When you have more muscles your body needs more food for it, thus you can eat without worrying and lose weight without counting calories.
  4. MANAGE DIABETES diabetes usually comes along obesity, with workout muscles can take up sugar from the blood efficiently, thus maintains blood sugar level. Type 2 diabetes is the inability of the body to take sugar from the blood. Just half an hour of workout daily makes the muscles super absorbent.diabetes
  5. STRONG IMMUNITY More muscles boost the production of macrophages in the body (the cells which attack bacterias) thus boosting immunity and also supports fast recovery from any diseaseimmunity
  6. STRONGER BONES Calcium alone is not enough, bones must be stimulated and put under weight to maximize bone density. Osteoporosis and arthritis can be prevented by weightlifting.
  7. AVOIDS INJURIES strength in muscles around joints works as a shock absorber, gives stability and protection to joints, thereby protects bones from fracture and injuries. As we age, we have an issue in balancing our body and get hip or knee injuries from a fall, stronger muscles give liberty to live an independent life.
  8. REGULATES BP Workout makes all the muscles stronger including the muscles around our heart stronger, which in turn, easily pumps more blood and acts as the best free treatment for hypertension.healthy heart
  9. RELIEVES STRESS Physical activity/workout produce more endorphins(natural painkillers and anti-depressants) and improves sleep, relieving stress and gives mindfulness. 
  10. CONFIDENCE Strong, lean muscles also enhance posture and appearance, boosts self-esteem and gives the confidence of achieving your self-care goals,  you feel more positive about yourself and start loving your life.

Now you have so many reasons to hit the gym :). Stay healthy and happy with lean muscles 🙂

I hope it was helpful. 🙂

Lots of Love ^_^


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