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October 30, 2017

Appearances are everything these days.mirrors are reflections of our thoughts

Everyone is obsessed with making life look like perfect. Proving the trip enjoyable on Instagram is more important than the trip itself. Girls buy dresses more for the facebook profile than the actual occasion. People spend time in following the life of celebrities more than their own. We have created a perfect looking virtual life and have escaped from reality. The truth is: it has created voids in our life. Space, which we try to fill with stuff.

While stepping into a hype showroom whose ambience is made to influence our mind, everything appealing and the dresses that aren’t worth the price, I immediately start feeling mediocre.

The girl in the television advertisement promoting a handset seems to be the happiest owning that device.

The thing common in all is their motive, to gain profit by influencing our minds thus moulding our choices. Taglines like “be yourself”,  how can anyone be his/herself by running behind others choice.

Consequently, we end up wasting on things we do not need. We should spend mindfully. Don’t feel inferior if you aren’t following a certain trend, you are beautiful in your own skin, God has made everyone unique. ♥ 🙂

Are we lost in an echo of loud voices? Do we really like everything shown on social media? Do not we have time to listen to ourself?

The superstars are superstars because they have their opinions and bold styles like them.

let us un-learn everything and return to our raw form to find our real-self. 🙂

The materialism is temporary. The real things of contentment are priceless. Why school life was the best, though we used to wear the same dress every day for years? Why do we still have those friends? Spend your precious time and money on good health, healthy food, peace, travelling and lifetime experiences.

Be your life be bigger than acquiring materialism, which only brings anxiety, people in your life love you for who you are rather than how you look. 🙂

you only live once.

Lots of Love


  1. Woman or men there is no exception to be look good .some people may feels Beauty will increase their confidence.the thing is what ever you look like you have to be confident In yourself.your persona is what you really look like.

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