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Stop poisoning your body

By on March 24, 2017

coke-open happiness

You will be amazed to look insight of how happiness is served to you. All of us know that cola drinks are not good for us but most of us don’t know exactly how it affects our health. While the exact recipe is carefully kept secret, still the ingredient list includes lots of chemicals. Let’s have a look

Cola ingredientsIngredients of diet cola

Sugar One serving of cola (330ml) contains 10 teaspoons of sugar which are more than the recommended added sugar per day by WHO that is less than 6 teaspoons. Means you gulp up your whole day’s carbs in just one glass which is also in unhealthy form. You can now imagine drinking more than a glass. Most of this sugar is replaced by high fructose corn syrup due to cost reasons.

Healthy sugar-free diet colas are even worst as the sugar is replaced by unhealthy artificial sweeteners, aspartame and sucralose, even much harmful as they slowly induce seizures, cancer, brain disorders and sclerosis.

Amount of sugar in carbonated drinks

Phosphoric acid: It is corrosive acid, forms toxic fumes with alcohols. ketones and other compounds. It is the main constituent of fertilisers, detergents, polishes, dyes etc. Sharp and tangy flavour of cola is attributed to this toxic acid.

It also provides the highly acidic pH of around 3. Pretty enough to dissolve teeth and bones with time.

Acidity levels of carbonated drinks

Caffeine: One serving(330 ml) of carbonated drink includes around 30 mg of caffeine. This is why carbonated causes insomnia and sleep disorders.

Now let’s see how these ingredients work together to bring us happiness

According to a report made by the former pharmacist Niraj Naik. who runs a blog The renegade pharmacist. It reveals what you go through in 60 mins of drinking a cold drink.

1. First 10 mins: You could immediately puke after consuming 10 spoons of sugar (100% of your dietary allowance), but phosphoric acid with its sharp flavour dulls the sweetness and helps keep it down.

2. 20 mins: Dramatic increase in blood sugar levels, triggering a large amount of insulin, the liver thus turns this sugar circulating in our blood into fat.

3. 40 mins: The body is now done with caffeine absorption. Pupils dilate and blood pressures increases, in response liver dumps more glucose into the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors are blocked now preventing the feeling of drowsiness.

4. 45 mins: Body start releasing dopamine levels triggering your pleasure centres in the brain, the heroin works in the same way.

5. 60 mins: The phosphoric acid binds to calcium, magnesium and zinc in your gut providing more boost to metabolism. This combines with high sugar levels and increases the urinary excretion of calcium.

6. 60 mins: The diuretic properties of caffeine makes you to pee, excreting the bound calcium, magnesium and zinc in urine.

7. 60 mins: As the rave happiness inside you finishes, you start feeling sluggish and strained.

So, this was how you open happiness with coke. Will you still crave for the bubbly drinks because these are the only choices we are given outside when we ask for a drink? We can always choose our health over a pleasure of moments. choose smartly.

Options we are given in stores

The better alternatives of cola drinks:

  1. Plain water: Although they are priced same as of fizzy drinks but nothing works better than plain water.
  2. Lemon water
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Coconut Water
  5. Badam Milk
  6.  Iced tea
  7. Fresh fruits and Vegetable juices
  8. Green tea
  9. Milkshake
  10. Beer

Packaged fruit juices also contain as much sugar as carbonated drinks. Please avoid them as well.

Don’t kill yourself just to quench your thirst. Live healthy, live strong.

With love


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Health & Fitness

The real superfood in your kitchen

By on March 19, 2017

We rarely give importance to foods which are cheap and easily available to us instead we run after so-called superfoods which are not regional to us and thus expensive. Let us know the world known and proven magical benefits of underrated, easily available food found in almost everyone’s kitchen. “LEMONS”

It is not that bad when life gives you lemons 

1. Lemon aids in digestion, dump those carbonated drinks and try lemon water for indigestion. Lemon is acidic but gives an alkalizing effect in our body thus relieving bloating,  belching and burping.

2. Lemon prevents anemia, Vitamin C in lemon is an antioxidant and cofactor which helps in absorption of iron which results in increased hemoglobin in the blood. Moreover lemon itself has some amount of iron.

3. Anti-cancerous super food, Lemon peel contains more than 20 anti-cancer chemicals including polymethoxyflavones, pectin and limonene which are proven to have a therapeutic effect on cancer cells by halting or slowing the growth of cancer cells and inhibiting their division without causing any harm to normal cells.

4.Strengthen immunity, Vitamin C in enhances immunity and bioflavonoids destroy free radicals and prevents inflammation.

5. Citric acid is proven to dissolve calcium deposition thus dissolve kidney and gallstones.

6.  Diabetic retinopathy has been shown to improve through rutin present in lemons.

7. Lemon is the only anionic(negative charge) food in the World. All other foods are cationic(positively charged) thus we need an anion to balance the cation to aid in metabolism.


Never forget the small things in life, In real only these things makes life better, praise them, embrace them



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DIY- Do it Yourself

Gold emboss your phone

By on March 4, 2017

Hello friends,


Today I will show you a very famous Japanese technique of embossing articles with gold leaf (you may use silver as well). It’s a rather simple and ingenious way to do something creative.


The stuff you are going to need is:

  1. Gold/silver leaf (you can buy it from your local grocer, it’s the same stuff used for coating sweets)
  2. Something with a plain surface to emboss the gold on (here I have used the back of my phone. You can use plastic smartphone case, metal box, or any article that has a plain surface)
  3. Paper tape (preferably broad)
  4. Glue (use transparent acrylic glue, if available)
  5. Cutter (simple paper-cutter would do wonders if you ask me)
  6. Marker pen
  7. Cutting board (also with plain surface)

Material required


Step-by-step protocol:


  1. Cut the tape and stick it onto the cutting board.Step 1
  2. Draw any design on the tape using the marker pen. Make the design bold.
  3. Now, cut the design using the paper cutter and discard the central part of the design to make it look like a cavity in the tape.Step 2
  4. Peel the tape off from the cutting board and stick it on the actual surface which is to be embossed with gold.Step 4
  5. Cover the cut design thoroughly with glue and wait for 3-4 min.Step 5
  6. Place the gold leaf carefully onto the glue coated design and cover it completely.Step 6
  7. Set is aside for 30-40 min.
  8. Peel off the tape carefully. Keep it for few days to let it set completely and clean the design using nail paint remover on a cotton swab.Completed design


Optional: You may cover the gold design with clear nail polish to make it last longer.


Congratulations, you now own a gold embossed phone. Show it off to your friends, family, and colleagues.

You may emboss other gift items and make unique gifting ideas for your special one 😉

Check the video tutorial on our facebook page.

Have fun.

When you let your imagination run wild, sky is your limit.


Lots of love


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Product Reviews

Real techniques core collection: Review

By on February 26, 2017

Today I am giving a review on Real Techniques core collection brushes.

Real techniques core collection brushes

Real Techniques is an affordable makeup brush line by pro-MUA sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman of London. They also own a youtube channel named Pixiwoo. The core collection of RT is an award-winning brush set launched long ago but cause I thought of learning makeup in past few months (Although I love doing it since my early years). I always knew the importance of brushes in the art of makeup. Keeping this in my mind, I started searching the best tools which could do the job flawlessly yet fit in my budget too. Earlier I had no idea about RT but then I started scrolling pages in search of best brushes I came to know about RT brushes, seen them in hands of lots of MUA and read reviews. So, Thought of owning one. The most affordable one was the core collection brushes.

Fortunately, I got them from for less than 1000 INR. This set of brushes includes four brushes for distinct purposes and a panoramic case.

The bristles are synthetic, cruelty-free and ultra plush to assure flawless finish.

Bristles of the real technique core collection brushes


1. Buffing brush

Buffing brush

Starting from the brush which I find most useful. It is ideal for applying powder and mineral foundation. I never realised before that the application of bb cream, liquid foundation can look so flawless still natural, before using this buffing brush. You can first apply the product in dots on your face using fingertips and then spread it with this brush with light downward strokes (in the direction of your facial hair) all over your face. Then buff on some loose powder to fix your foundation.

Application: First apply the product creating dots on your face using fingertips and spread it using this brush with light downward strokes (in the direction of your facial hair) all over your face. Then buff on some loose powder to fix your foundation.

2. Contour brush

Contour brush

Coming to the second most important brush, Contour brush is good for applying blush on the cheekbone and as the name suggests, it’s perfect for blur contouring. In fact, It can be used for blending your concealer.

3. Pointed foundation brush

Pointed foundation brush

Not much needed this brush, Flat foundation brush which is supposed to create a custom coverage of a liquid foundation. As I never wear too much of foundation and never needed to apply it with this. I use it to apply face packs.

4. Detailer brush

Detailer brush

This tiny mini brush is with precision cut, ideal for concealing problem areas like eye corners, spots and marks. Moreover, It can be used for applying lipsticks for perfect definition.

Panoramic case

The kit also includes this panoramic case, which is convenient for safely storing the brushes and drying them after cleaning.

Panoromic caseBrushes in panaromic case


Cleaning brushes

  • Rinse the brushes without wetting the rim
  • Put some gentle wash or baby wash on palm, gently swirl the brushes on the palm and rinse
  • Keep the brushes upside down on the case an inch above the base

See you soon 🙂



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Product Reviews

L’oreal Mat Magique all-in-one Compact Powder: Review

By on February 19, 2017

Hello Friends, Today I am sharing a review on L’oreal Mat Magique all-in-one Compact PowderIt comes in a beautiful fuschia case and a bit different design as it has a separate compartment for mirror and sponge. The texture of the powder is silky and creamy which works well for setting the foundation to give semi-matte look. Moreover, It blends nicely and gives natural matte finish without drying out the skin or cakey look. 

Lo'real mat magique powder


Also, it comes in five shades (G1 Vanilla Ivory, G2 Golden Ivory, G7 Golden Amber, N2 Nude Vanilla and N6 Nude Honey) which are specially created for Indian skin tones and also enriched with SPF 34 PA+++. It is infused with Volcanic Perlite Minerals which are rare and absorbs excess sebum, keeping skin shine-free.

Lo'real mat magique face powder

Case loreal mat magique face powder


First of all, cleanse and moisturise your face. Then let the moisturiser sit into the skin and then correct the spots or marks with concealer and then apply the compact in a downward movement on the face as well as neck. At last blend it all with a buffing brush.


Its ingredients are:

Overall I found it worth for the money for a medium coverage compact for daily use.

See you soon

Yogu ♥

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Product Reviews

My bitter experience with Amazon India

By on February 16, 2017

Hello friends,

Today I want to share my, not so good, experience with Amazon India. We purchase something from an online site because we have faith in their service and products. But when such reputed and trusted shopping site humiliates you, that is something not acceptable by anyone.

Initially, I was a huge fan of Amazon and had trust on their products and service until I had this bitter experience which happened when I placed a prepaid order for some makeup brushes set along with some other product. Other product arrived on time without any hassle but I waited for the brushes and then got the text message on my phone that the delivery agent couldn’t deliver the package due to unavailability of the customer at given address, while I was at my house all the time. I immediately tried calling the delivery agent multiple times but he didn’t pick up the call. This continued in the same manner for three days. I tried calling amazon customer care and the amazon CCE said that they will deliver the product within 24 hours. I kept waiting but in vain. I called for the same and the CCE said that the product got damaged during transit so It will take some more time to send you the other piece. I religiously complied and waited for few more days before calling them again. This time they blocked me from both their customer service for call and chat. I was left with just one option, e-mail, and it just increased my frustration level. In response to the e-mail, they asked for the repetition of the query which, I had provided them numerous times.

I got so disappointed and insulted by this behaviour, how could such a renowned shopping site behave so offensively to their customers. I felt so helpless, resentful and frustrated at the same time and could do nothing about this. Neither they were sending the product nor they returned my money.

Then I tried finding the person who could help in this then I found the e-mail address of Mr. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon and thought to mail him about this. Then one amazon person replied of that mail on his behalf and so at least I got my money back.

From that incidence, It’s clear that I will never buy anything from amazon and same happened with the next two purchases my sister made from my account. It taught me a lesson to not trust or buy anything from amazon. 🙁

Before this indelible experience, I had so much trust on amazon, I considered it the best shopping site and blindly purchased things but now I don’t want to waste my money, time and utmost the peace of my mind.

This is my experience and would like to aware you too while dealing with Amazon India.

See you soon 🙂

Yogu <3


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DIY- Do it Yourself

Thinking of gifting her

By on December 20, 2016

Hello friends,

How you all have been? 🙂

Gifting a girl is a kind of mystery for most of the guys. Depending on lots of things like her closeness to you, her taste, occasion for which you are gifting and definitely your budget. Although each girl is unique in her taste and style but still it is a hard task indeed. I have tried, to sum up, a few things which are, undoubtedly, loved by most of the girls. 🙂

  1. Handmade gifts

    Handmade personalized gifts made with love has no match. It can be a card, scrapbook, collage or anything. Here, I have shared few easy ideas and you can find so many easy tutorials on or and believe me, they take so less time if you have all the materials ready.

    You can simply make a collage of your memories with her and add few lines or you can paste pictures on a styrofoam sheet, cut in a shape of her name’s initial and decorate with pearls, beads or anything. You can take a scrapbook and share memories and write your feelings for them or make a yearbook where you can sum up your journey with that special person and few special lines will add so many feelings in that. and don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfect, she will love it with all its imperfections. 🙂

2.Stuffed toys/Pillow/ Dolls

No matter how old she has grown but she has that little girl inside her who loves teddies and dolls. Embrace that little girl in her and often gift her toys like teddies and dolls. You can have an idea from her before gifting if she likes teddy or doll. In case she is not fond of both, then you can go for a pillow in a cute shape.


3. Accessories

You can give her accessories like for hair, jewelry ( pendant, earrings, anklets) or a watch. Simple and elegant things are always adored.


4. Cosmetics

If she is a makeup geek then cosmetic would be the best gift but be sure of the shades she likes, the options in that could be an eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, nail paint, blusher, eye shadow palette etc.  If she doesn’t wear makeup then you can go for the skin care combo like cleanser, lip balm and lotion or a mild pleasant fragrance. You can pour the things in a mason jar or any container along with chocolates and a note. 🙂


5. A trip to salon

If you want to do something really different, you can gift her a soothing relaxing day at the salon or spa or gift her a makeover including haircut, hair color, straightening, lenses or a piercing. She will feel very special. 🙂


So, These all are what I found useful and would be loved by most of us.

See you soon 🙂







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Product Reviews

Avon true color eyeshadow quad (Emerald cut): Review

By on November 26, 2016

Hello friends,

Today I will share my views on Avon Eyeshadow Quad in shade Emerald Cut. Pretty decently packed and handy, easily carried in a bag. It has a mirror which is perfect to be used on the move. The applicator is unnecessary, it is better if you apply it with brushes. The best thing about this shade is a wise selection of colors. It’s versatile, elegant and sober. You can wear it irrespective of the color of your outfit, it goes well with all the colors. 🙂



The application guide is on the back of the packaging which I find very useful, the palette has numbers on it for the easy application which is very helpful for starters. Easy step by step application. They well suit the sensitive skin.


The texture of the palette is silky smooth and it has some shine and it is fairly pigmented. You need to apply 3-4 coats to get desired color. The colors are – Shimmering Beige, Softened Peach, Green Metal and Blackened Emerald. Each shade has its own place and the colors are so well coordinated though so different from each other.

The retail price is 799 INR for 5gms.



Overall this eye palette is perfect for daily wear.

I don’t like wasting time in needlessly applying multiple coats to get the desired color and would recommend you to get something more pigmented and more shades in this price range. You can opt for this if you want a neutral look for every day and if you have sensitive skin.

Thank you

See you soon

Yogu ♥

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Product Reviews

Maybelline Cheeky Glow, Fresh coral: Review

By on October 21, 2016

Hello friends,

Today, I will share a review on the most affordable and best blushes right now in the market, Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow. These blushes come in compressed powder form. They give silky, smooth not powdery feel. They are super soft on the skin and have good pigmentation, therefore, you don’t need to apply more than two swipes. Furthermore, they blend so easily with your makeup. Also, they come in three shades: Fresh coral, Peachy sweetie and Creamy cinnamon. All shades are very decent and give a natural look.

I purchased the shade, fresh coral just for 275 INR for 7 GM, they are now also available at good discounts around 20%. It came in tiny white cute packaging, but It doesn’t have a brush or a mirror. The fresh coral is warm shade, it is brightest of all shades and the color is something like dark pink coral. It is highly pigmented. The other two shades have shimmer, but fresh coral is matte. It gives a healthy, natural and perfectly blended look to Indian skin tone. It lasts for 4 to 5 hours without primer.




First of all, take a small amount of blush on a brush and suck in your cheeks to easily locate apples. Now start applying from the center of apple and outward to your earline.

Hence, this product is highly recommended due to its price and performance for the daily look. 🙂



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Eggless Chocolate Cake: Pressure cooker

By on October 12, 2016

chocolate cake title

I am sharing a simple recipe for very palatable eggless chocolate cake in few steps. Baking a cake had been a mystery for me a few months back, but by the time I have conquered the art of baking and I would love to share the chocolate cake recipe with important foolproof tricks. 🙂

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Baking time: 30- 40 minutes


  1. Condensed milk, 1 cup/250ml
  2. Cocoa powder unsweetened, 3 teaspoon
  3. Powdered sugar, 1 cup
  4. All purpose Flour, 1 cup
  5. Vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon
  6. Oil, 3 teaspoon
  7. Baking soda, ½ teaspoon
  8. Baking powder, 1 teaspoon
  9. Lime juice, 1 teaspoon

Prepare cooker for baking

  • Remove cooker’s whistle and put it on flame for 10 min preheating
  • Add 1 cup salt/sand in cooker to make a base for pan
  • Grease the pan with oil/butter


  1. Beat the condensed milk, powdered sugar and oil in a bowl
  2. Sieve flour, cocoa powder and baking powder one by one in another bowl
  3. Mix the flour mixture and condensed milk mixture together
  4. Mix with a beater in one direction until it is smooth
  5. Batter shouldn’t be too thick (add water/milk if it is thick)
  6. Pour the batter into greased pan (leaving 2 inches space from brim)
  7. Put the pan in preheated cooker and cover the lid
  8. Now leave it for minimum 30 minutes and check with toothpick, if it comes out clear of the cake then your cake is ready
  9. Leave it at room temperature for 5 minutes and serve

Chocolate cake

Useful tricks

  1. Sieve the dry contents 2-3 times to make airy and smooth batter
  2. Cake baking is like a chemistry experiment, always follow the specific order of adding ingredients
  3. First, perfectly whip the liquid ingredients followed by slow addition of dry contents
  4. Take care of the cooker’s temperature, a cake is baked best on low flame. So, dim the flame after 10 minutes
  5. Always check at the centre with toothpick
  6. Grease the pan with brush
  7. To make cake richer, you can increase the quantity of condensed milk by 50ml
  8. To make it more chocolaty you can increase the cocoa quantity by 1-2 teaspoons
  9. Beat the batter in one direction and for 5 minutes to trap more air for a fluffy cake

I hope this recipe was helpful.





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