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10 Reasons to eat local foods

By on January 29, 2018

Hello Friends, the hype of superfoods and falling health rate have put consumers in a big food choice dilemma. Everyone is ready to spend extra bucks for the sake of better health. We need to understand the fact that our traditional foods are best suited to the climate and region we live in. The Mediterranean people eat seafood and that is best for them. Switching to the food habits of other regions aren’t going to do any good. Nearly all of the present disorders are the results of our lifestyle which we have adopted from other parts of the world.reasons to eat local foods

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Living trash free

By on November 10, 2017

Cities are generating more garbage than ever, it is one of the catastrophes along with the decreasing health-rate. In my view processing the waste generated which is increasing day by day with the modern lifestyle. The most important thing is to prevent trash from generating. Let our carbon footprints be clean to live healthily and leave a sustainable world for our children.

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Reflecting positivity

By on October 30, 2017

Appearances are everything these days.mirrors are reflections of our thoughts

Everyone is obsessed with making life look like perfect. Proving the trip enjoyable on Instagram is more important than the trip itself. Girls buy dresses more for the facebook profile than the actual occasion. People spend time in following the life of celebrities more than their own. We have created a perfect looking virtual life and have escaped from reality. The truth is: it has created voids in our life. Space, which we try to fill with stuff.

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10 Reasons to start building muscles

By on October 11, 2017

Muscles aren’t just for a bulky look, everyone needs a fair amount of muscles through a regular exercise to stay healthy. Muscle mass has so many benefits apart from great looks, including efficient metabolism of calories, fast recovery from disease and energetic life. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, muscle atrophy, joint injury, cervical pains and stress are some of the consequences of our modern sedentary lifestyle and they don’t need to be an inevitable part of our life. We can beat them by devoting few minutes of our day.

Though the perks of building muscles are limitless, here are few of them. 🙂build muscles

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Why you should not have tea while you eat

By on September 15, 2017

India runs on chai, Our day starts with a cup of tea and we are ready to face the day, that time when we are fed up with everything, a good chai gives us a warm hug and most of our talks begin with it. 🙂



Rich in polyphenols(antioxidants), it helps to relieve toxins. It boosts immunity and speeds up metabolism. Soothes in cold and cough, reduces the risk of stroke and cancer.

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When not to use olive oil?

By on September 13, 2017

When using healthy products, we must know when to use them to have their maximum benefits.

olive oil

Extra virgin Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and antioxidants, It is a tree crop of Mediterranean basin, where it is used in salad dressing, sauteing or baking. It is helpful in heart issues and lowers the chances of stroke due to its high value of unsaturated fats. But it is really important to know some other facts about it.

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How to declutter your mind? Relieve stress and anger

By on September 7, 2017

Hello friends,



Like most of us, I had difficulty handling my emotions like some days I have no control over my anger, irritation and frustration (most of the time I don’t even have a valid reason, I kept blaming other things for that, If someone is not giving me time, If someone around me is not in good mood It starts bothering me, a bad weather 😀 and all such stupid reasons), it hurts me most and consumes lots of my energy and time. I couldn’t concentrate on my work or other things and disturb my atmosphere with my negativity.

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How to get rid of excess face fat

By on July 5, 2017

Hello Friends, If heavy cheeks and double chin are what bothering you and make you look fat? Do you have a saggy face? Do you want a well-sculpted face which highlights your facial features like nose and chin? Although you look cute :), Know in case you want to lift them up.

Our body has so many muscles and we work out them to lose body fat, similarly, our face has dozens of muscles and we lose face fat when we workout them. I am sharing few simple expressions that might help you to get that sculpted look. Strengthening muscles directly means losing fat. 😉

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