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Why you should not have tea while you eat

September 15, 2017

India runs on chai, Our day starts with a cup of tea and we are ready to face the day, that time when we are fed up with everything, a good chai gives us a warm hug and most of our talks begin with it. 🙂



Rich in polyphenols(antioxidants), it helps to relieve toxins. It boosts immunity and speeds up metabolism. Soothes in cold and cough, reduces the risk of stroke and cancer.

However, some combinations are not good, tea and coffee have tannic acid that inhibits the absorption of iron in our body. Due to this reason, we should avoid tea right after our meals or iron-rich foods. Instead have your tea separately between meals or at least 1 hour later.

Iron-rich foods: fruits, beans, green leafy vegetables, poha, rice, nuts, beans, raisins, oats, meat and fish.

sources of iron

Instead, You can have lemonade, citrus juices to boost iron absorption as vitamin-C helps in iron absorption.

lemon water

I hope it was helpful.

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