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10 Reasons to eat local foods

January 29, 2018

Hello Friends, the hype of superfoods and falling health rate have put consumers in a big food choice dilemma. Everyone is ready to spend extra bucks for the sake of better health. We need to understand the fact that our traditional foods are best suited to the climate and region we live in. The Mediterranean people eat seafood and that is best for them. Switching to the food habits of other regions aren’t going to do any good. Nearly all of the present disorders are the results of our lifestyle which we have adopted from other parts of the world.reasons to eat local foods

Local and seasonal foods are healthier and fresher because they spend less time in transit from farm to plate and are devoid of harmful fertilizers.

Here, I have summed up 10 reasons to eat local foods:

  1. Flavour savour. Seasonal foods are picked when fully ripened in sun and they taste best.
  2. Local is seasonal. Seasonal is best suited to us, imported foods have even fewer nutrients than local frozen foods.
  3. Higher nutrients. Scientifically, vitamins degrade over time, so fresher the food, higher the nutrient level.
  4. Best for our body. Our body absorbs maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables at their season-time.
  5. Cheaper. Locally grown foods are economical as they are grown in abundance in season and reduced travel time.
  6. Organic and devoid of pesticides. Seasonal foods naturally grow in abundance and are cleaner and near to organic.
  7. Living in harmony with nature. Mother nature knows us better and provides us everything on time, living in harmony with nature simplifies our life instead of conflict against it.
  8. Prospers our farmers. Money spent on food can directly reach our farmers and help them flourish and grow more food. 🙂
  9. Supporting our economy. By simply picking local things, the money spent remains closer and is invested in our community. Thus, we support each other.
  10. Saving our environment. Seasonal products can be grown without the aid of pesticides and chemicals. These toxic chemicals pollute water, soil and our health as well. Reducing transport load also reduces vehicle pollution.

Now, we know that we should keep trust on our mother earth as it provides each one of us with our personal needs. We should live in balance with the natural rhythm as going against it has alone caused the present environmental complications.

I hope you find it seasonal.

Lots of love.


  1. Very useful information….we always thought and buy expensive fruit which is out of season and not easily available in our climate …but we end up loosing it nutrient…
    Very useful information

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