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Why you should have fruits instead of fruit juice?

February 20, 2018

why you should eat fruits instead of fruit juice

Drinking fruit juice is an easy and convenient way of getting your recommended servings of fruits/vitamins: most people are not fond of chewing whole avail fruits. Fruit juice is an excellent source of instant energy and avail sufficient vitamins.

Despite the ample nutrients in fruit juice, it lacks the fibre content of the whole fruit, which is left behind in the process of juicing. The whole fruit is much higher in nutrients compared to fruit juice, regardless of the method used in juicing: fresh, cold pressed or canned.

The main difference being that fruit juice lack pulp and fruit skin, which are the main source of fibre in fruits. Fiber plays an important role in digestion and provides higher satiety value. The glycaemic index of whole fruits is higher due to the fibre, slowly liberating the energy in the body. Whereas fruit juices have a very low glycaemic index, providing all the sugar at once, therefore causing a spike in blood sugar level.

Furthermore, even though higher in calories, fruit juice doesn’t keep us full for long and we feel empty after some time. Whereas a single whole fruit can provide fullness more than a juice of 3-4 fruits (1 glass) without increasing calorie intake.

Other benefits of fibre include: controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, eliminating toxins and reducing weight

The edible fruit skins are the main site of biological activity and rich in pigments (flavonoids and carotenoids) and have many times higher levels of nutrients than fruit pulp itself. Therefore, we should never throw edible skins and always have a whole fruit.

If you still find it difficult to chew fruits and want to make it more interesting, you can go for a thick smoothie mixing fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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  1. Eating whole fruits is definitely better and healthier than fruit juices. You get to enjoy every single benefit of eating fruits whole without worrying about spikes in blood sugar. Love your post. Thanks for sharing!

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