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Living trash free

November 10, 2017

Cities are generating more garbage than ever, it is one of the catastrophes along with the decreasing health-rate. In my view processing the waste generated which is increasing day by day with the modern lifestyle. The most important thing is to prevent trash from generating. Let our carbon footprints be clean to live healthily and leave a sustainable world for our children.

Living low trash is easy if everything is done with the love of nature in mind and we all can slowly reduce our trash and make the world worth living. I’m sharing some of the ways of living low trash life which also saves a lot.

The four basis of low trash life are Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. At first, refuse anything non-biodegradable and before dumping anything into trash think if it is reusable or recyclable.

  1. Refuse plastics as much as possible and carry your own foldable cloth bag, just in case you forget to bring then buy in a paper bag.refuse plastic bags

2. Step out with these reusable essentials: water bottle, mug, fruit, straw spoon and a hanky. This way you avoid the trash using available disposables.

stuff in bag


3. When eating out, politely ask the server to take out all the disposable(straw, napkins, plastics) from your order and serve you only in reusable stuff.


4. Buy in bulk, It will take less packaging and also save money and time.

5. Use eco-friendly toothbrushes, regular plastic toothbrushes add to garbage and aren’t degraded. Replace them with bamboo brushes or neem stem daatun which are cheaper and better.toothbrushes


6. Refuse paper newspaper, books and magazines instead read online.


7. Buy things in jars which you can reuse or return and avoid plastic.

8. Try to make most of your stuff at home from soup, ketchup, jam, butter etc., it will save money and packaging

9. Replace regular sanitary pads with a menstrual cup and reusable pads. Menstrual cups are free of chemicals and can last up to 10 years with proper care and are much better than pads and tampons in any way. If one doesn’t feel comfortable can opt for washable cloth pads.


10. Baking soda is multi-purpose, use it to clean utensils, clothes, teeth and exfoliating.


Don’t just buy anything impulsively and look out for stuff in recycling market before buying it fresh, you might find things in good conditions there. Also, donate your old stuff to charity or people around you who might need them.

I hope it was helpful.

Lots of Love

Yogu 🙂

  1. If everyone do their own part in following even 2-3 above steps can help saving the environment….every step counts….keeping earth clean is our duty…let’s do our bit.

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