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How to declutter your mind? Relieve stress and anger

September 7, 2017

Hello friends,



Like most of us, I had difficulty handling my emotions like some days I have no control over my anger, irritation and frustration (most of the time I don’t even have a valid reason, I kept blaming other things for that, If someone is not giving me time, If someone around me is not in good mood It starts bothering me, a bad weather 😀 and all such stupid reasons), it hurts me most and consumes lots of my energy and time. I couldn’t concentrate on my work or other things and disturb my atmosphere with my negativity.

Later I tried to cope with it, to calm my mind and control my emotions, just shutting down or escaping doesn’t help. Initially, I kept avoiding people and ran away from my situation but it chased me anyway.

I wanted something as simple as water and helpful than anything else.

then I came across some talks which got my interest and I found it simple and easy to practice. I had no idea that such a simple thing will become key to my mind. I’m so surprised that just witnessing the breathing would do it all. Initially, I was not sure but I thought to give it a try. I introduced this in my daily life. Whatever I am doing, I remember to watch my breathing, as I start doing this all my random thoughts start disappearing and I can see clearly through me. I feel so light and decluttered.

Emotions never stay same, they keep on changing like how it has a word motion in itself. So why should bother so much about something that is going to change within moments, it is your mind, not you, as you have a track of your breathing pattern, slowly you have a track of your whole mind and body. You become aware of yourself.

Whenever you have abrupt, negative thoughts, to clear those thoughts, give your mind the work of watching your breath and you will see the clearer mind, a beautiful clear sky.

I hope you will try this as all of us have some kind of stress in our life. We all are dealing with different demons in our mind, they aren’t real, they are like dreams, as soon as you wake up, they disappear.

According to Buddhism, Our mind is like a monkey who keeps chattering and climbing one to another branch, If we try to quiet him, he will become wilder. what we need is make him a friend and say hey monkey let us watch the breathing and slowly the monkey becomes calm and knows his work and the monkey no more interrupts you. Now you can live in the present moment without the remorse of past and stress of future. Live in the very present moment. Like if you are eating, eat peacefully, concentrate on each bite and savour the taste. By doing so with all small things you enjoy every moment of your life. 🙂


It helped me a lot, I feel much better, I hope it helps you too.

Please share your views, your positivity motivates me to write more. 🙂

Watch your breath.

This simple thing is known as meditation. 😉

Lots of love

Yogu ♥

  1. This is so much helpful to reduce stress as you said above emotions never stay same, they keep on changing like how it has a word motion in itself. :)…. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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