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Make your own ripped jeans

July 7, 2017

Hello friends,

Today I will share an easy tutorial on how you can rip your denim yourself. Ripped denim is in fashion since late 80’s but lately, they are more popular than ever.


Ripping or tearing denim yourself is more convenient for you can decide the size, place and amount of cuts you want. Sometimes cuts don’t fit our knees and feel uncomfortable. Moreover, you can keep your money for other outfits rather than wasting on already ripped denim when you can rip them yourself in few minutes.

It just takes few minutes and is a somewhat satisfying ripping thing. :p

How you can rip your jeans in few minutes (step by step)

  1. Mark where you want to make rip with a chalk or you can also roughly make two parallel and horizontal cuts using scissors. You can do this by simply folding and cutting
  2. Then scratch the edges using any sharp object to expose the threads in cuts
  3. Start pulling out threads
  4. Scratch the sides for a natural look

You can watch the video here 🙂

Lots of love


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