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Healthy/Low-calorie dining-out options in India

April 15, 2018

healthyDining out is both enjoyable and it gives some quiet time with family in today’s chaotic, fast-paced world. Now you won’t have to miss those family dining out times and can easily manage your obligatory professional meetup even when on diet with food options which are healthy, low in calorie and of course appetizing. In this article, I have shared 10 best food options with just 200 calories and are easily found in Indian restaurants.

  1. Paneer Tikka: Paneer/cottage cheese is dense in protein, there is around 10 g protein in 100 g of paneer and helps in fat-loss. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium and folates, thereby improving overall health. It can be best consumed in tandoori tikka or grilled form. It is definitely a good option with 4 pieces (i.e. 100g of paneer) counting only 200 calories.
  2. Dhokla: This Gujarati dish is made by fermenting gram flour and steaming. It is rich in protein with an enhanced nutritive value after being fermented. It is a light and juicy food option and is served with green chillies and coriander chutney. 2 pieces( i.e. 100g) only counts 200 calories.
  3. Dosa- Sambar: Dosa is a South-Indian dish made from fermented batter of rice and black lentils and is made with very less oil (greased griddle). It is served with sambar (i.e. split red gram and vegetable curry) along with coriander and coconut chutney. The complete meal just counts for 200 calories.
  4. Idli-Sambar: Idli-sambar is also a South-Indian treasure and is made by fermenting rice or rava. It has almost no fat. It is also served with sambar, coriander chutney and coconut chutney. This complete meal also counts for just 200 calories.
  5. Subway Veggie Delite: Being rich in vegetables, pickled olives, jalapeno and counting only 200 calories when dressing with mustard sauce subway veggie delight is undoubtedly a healthy choice.
  6. Omelette: Eggs being extremely rich in protein and all vitamins, helps in reducing fat and have high satiety value are a healthy option for non-vegetarians. They can be made with veggies and 2 egg omelette just counts for 160 calories.
  7. Tandoori Fish (150 Kcal): Fishes are rich source of essential fats and protein. They are the best fat-loss options. They also reduces the risk of stroke and heart problems. They are best consumed grilled or tandoori with coriander chutney and lemon. One medium-sized tandoori fish counts for just 150 calories.
  8. Chicken Tikka: Chicken being dense in protein, calcium and vitamins is a healthy non-vegetarian option if breast piece cooked grilled or tandoori and served with vegetables. 100g tandoori chicken (breast piece) just counts for 150 calories.
  9. Poha: Poha is a very light and healthy food option and can be consumed with a coconut chutney. It just counts for 180 calories per serving(100g).
  10. Moong dal/besan chilla: Chilla is a healthy option being made of gram flour or green gram, it is rich in protein. It can be stuffed with paneer or vegetables and served with curd or coriander/mint chutney. 1 medium-sized chilla just counts for 140 calories.

These were just few healthy options and you can find more if you intend to live a healthy life. It just need some awareness of the nutrition and the process of the food served.

I hope this was helpful.

Lots of love.


  1. All Delicious food in a 200 cal….I dnt think so any one deny having all these low calories food even when you are outside.😍😊

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