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The real superfood in your kitchen

March 19, 2017

We rarely give importance to foods which are cheap and easily available to us instead we run after so-called superfoods which are not regional to us and thus expensive. Let us know the world known and proven magical benefits of underrated, easily available food found in almost everyone’s kitchen. “LEMONS”

It is not that bad when life gives you lemons 

1. Lemon aids in digestion, dump those carbonated drinks and try lemon water for indigestion. Lemon is acidic but gives an alkalizing effect in our body thus relieving bloating,  belching and burping.

2. Lemon prevents anemia, Vitamin C in lemon is an antioxidant and cofactor which helps in absorption of iron which results in increased hemoglobin in the blood. Moreover lemon itself has some amount of iron.

3. Anti-cancerous super food, Lemon peel contains more than 20 anti-cancer chemicals including polymethoxyflavones, pectin and limonene which are proven to have a therapeutic effect on cancer cells by halting or slowing the growth of cancer cells and inhibiting their division without causing any harm to normal cells.

4.Strengthen immunity, Vitamin C in enhances immunity and bioflavonoids destroy free radicals and prevents inflammation.

5. Citric acid is proven to dissolve calcium deposition thus dissolve kidney and gallstones.

6.  Diabetic retinopathy has been shown to improve through rutin present in lemons.

7. Lemon is the only anionic(negative charge) food in the World. All other foods are cationic(positively charged) thus we need an anion to balance the cation to aid in metabolism.


Never forget the small things in life, In real only these things makes life better, praise them, embrace them



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