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Avoid being scammed at

March 25, 2017

Hello friends, I am here with something new today. From last year I have been a huge fan of a shopping site, Earlier I didn’t take the risk of shopping from a foreign site in fear of losing my money and had doubt on their authenticity and reliability. Then I started purchasing from 1$ things 😀 and steadily I build trust on the site that also went by all safety measures.

stop being scammed at is an e-commerce site of a reputed Alibaba group where you can purchase from the sellers all around the world. They sell most of the products at zero delivery charge and you can buy from pin to plane here at the cheapest price.

A lot of times people have been scammed or gotten cheap quality products. Though you can avoid being cheated by going through few safety measures.

Here are some of the safety tips while purchasing from

1. Always go through the customer feedback for the product which are often provided with pictures that could help you a lot.


2. If a seller is selling for more than a year only then you can have some credibility.

Look for the seller feedback given by customers.

seller feedback


3. Then look for the buyer protection in which seller provides the full or partial refund in case you don’t receive product or the product is not as described respectively.


4. Confirm your receipt only when you have checked and used your product because once you confirm then you cannot claim a refund.

5. Always check the delivery charges as they are in thousands of certain items.

6. You get just one attempt at opening a dispute so don’t exhaust it before the product delivery. because after raising a dispute when you get the faulty product then you cannot open a dispute again for it. It is little tricky.

So always open a dispute after you get your product.

7. Always erase your credentials from your account after payment as the site doesn’t ask for security pin while making payment. Thus it is better to erase your credential as a precaution.


Few of my happy purchases from Aliexpress which were worth for the price:


Black bowler hat
2$ product which is classy bowler hat in a fine quality felt material and fits me well.


maroon hat
This maroon felt hat was for 4.5$ and this is so beautiful and was same as expected from the pictures.

A 2$ watch which was more than my expectations. I have so many travels destinations in my list and this watch reminds me of that. Good in quality and comfortable to wear.



3$ Cute warm paw gloves which I gifted my friend and I am so happy that she really loved them.
A beautiful ruffle for just a dollar and I am in love with this and soon will order in other colours.



I hope you too have safe and happy shopping 🙂

What safety measures you take while shopping online??


Lots of love



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