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Lose weight this Navratri

March 29, 2017

I used to avoid fast mostly due to overeating (having entire day’s calories in just one meal is not a great idea for me), so this time I thought of making it a weight loss plan by eating clean and maintaining it throughout the day, as it makes no sense of starving whole day and stuffing your body with fried food in end of the day, as this will only end up in indigestion and putting up more weight.

The basic idea behind fast is to detoxify your body and self-control, it is kind of a balance between body and soul. Fasting also gives rest to digestive organs meanwhile body mechanism is cleansed by clean eating (consuming foods rich in fibre and fluids). Apart from the religious point, our digestive system should be cleansed once in a week to avoid diseases.

The weight loss diet plan for Navratri‘s, you can follow to take benefit. I have also given some options so that you don’t get bored eating same food for 9 days.



Early Morning: 1-2 glass water/ lemon water

glass of water


Breakfast(8-9 am): 1 glass of Milk+ 4-5 soaked almonds+ 2-3 dates+ 1 bowl of seasonal fruits

Milk with almonds and datesfruits


11 am: 1 cup of green tea with few drops of lemon

green tea with lemon


Lunch: Slice of paneer+ 1 small bowl of roasted makhana/ handful of peanuts

roasted makhanapeanuts


1 glass of chia seeds/basil seeds smoothie+ 1 slice of paneer

chia seeds smoothiepaneer


1 bowl of curd with 2-3 strawberries/ 2 cucumbers



Post lunch (3-4 pm): Green tea with lemon/normal tea with half spoon of sugar+ 1 amaranth laddoos

amaranth laddoo


Evening(5-6pm): 1 glass of buttermilk with coriander leaves/lemon water/coconut water + 2 walnuts+ 1 bowl of seasonal fruits



Dinner(7-8pm):   kuttu atta roti (1-2) + 1 small bowl of sabut dana(sago)/samak(samo rice) khichdi+ + curd raita+ fruit chat


Kuttu atta roti (1-2)+ 1 small bowl of boiled aloo raita+2 teaspoon of singhade(water caltrop) ka halwa+ fruit chat/salad chaat


Paneer pakode of kuttu atta (3-4)+ 1 bowl of curd+ 1 big bowl of fruit chat


Big platter of salad /fruit with 1 big bowl of curd+ 2 slices of paneer


1 bowl of Sabut dana kheer/Makhana kheer+ fruit chat+ boiled aloo sabzi+ singhade ki roti(1-2)

navratri dinner

Post dinner: Green tea with lemon

green tea with lemon

Before sleep: 1 cup of milk (without sugar)


Few tips which can make huge difference:

  1. Drink, drink and drink lots of water
  2. Eat roasted foods, avoid fried
  3. Eat something in every 2 hours
  4. Eat in moderation, don’t go overboard
  5. Eat more fruits and salads
  6. Try to have dinner before 7 pm
  7. Don’t skip paneer, at least have 150 gm of paneer daily in any form as it will help you cut fat.


I hope this was helpful.

Your body be your temple, broom it regularly to sweep away the negatives to make space for good things.

Shubh Navratri 

With love


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