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Identify/deal the human biohazards in your life

March 19, 2018

There are times in our life when we feel nothing is going right and the people in our lives become more of a liability than friends. If you have ever felt that people in your life are eating away on your positive energy and making you lose yourself, then you should read this article.


Many-a-times we are surrounded by toxic people, or psychic vampires, as I would like to call them. These people could be your friends or acquaintance or maybe your colleague or even family member who feeds on your positive life energy and make your life miserable. These people are not easy to spot as they are present themselves in the form of your well-wishers but have hidden agendas. These psychic vampires drag you down all the while trying to get themselves a ladder to success or it could only be a way of self-satisfaction for them. Nonetheless, you should take control of your life back from these psychic vampires in order to keep yourself happy.

Here, I have provided you ways to identify these psychic vampires in your life. If you feel any of the below points to any person in your life, it’s better for your own good that you get rid of them soon.

  • Have ultimate respect for themselves but lack any form of empathy.
  • Too emotional and easily offended by jokes made on them, but likes to laugh at others’ expense.
  • Blame the world and anyone in it for their own problems and constantly complain without giving a heed to solutions provided to them.
  • Try to dominate your actions, emotions, feeling, and life in whole.
  • Express themselves without listening to your feelings. Even if you present your thoughts, they try to reason that your thoughts are inconsequential.
  • Overly exaggerating little things to pacify themselves.
  • Always asking for your time but never has time when you need them.
  • They fear your individual existence without them in your life

If you have met anyone with the characteristics written above, then it’s time to kick them out of your life.

Besides the characteristics of the toxic person, you can identify that you are a victim of such a psychic vampire if you feel the following things.

  • Low self-esteem
  • Mood issues
  • Feeling of negativity
  • High empathy for someone particular
  • Sleepy and tired
  • An extreme want of eating comfort food
  • Continuous insecurity to lose someone
  • Always going beyond your ways to feed other
  • No individual goals and opinions
  • A one-sided friendship which is, in no way, beneficial to you
  • Every single person in your life telling you to get rid of that person but you are emotionally unable to do so


There are, of course, ways to get rid of these psychic vampires but first, you need to find them using the above-mentioned points. Once you have identified them, its high time to set some check-stops to bar these people from draining you of your precious life energy.

  • Set your personal limits of time, space, and patience to deal with everyone in your life. If a person tries to cross the threshold in any of these areas, state clearly that you are not available to them at any cost.
  • Try not to fall for a person when your first feelings tell you that the concerned person is nothing but a narcissist
  • If anyone tries to cross the boundaries you had set, show using your body language, e.g by breaking eye contact or folding arms, that you are not interested
  • If you feel controlled, try to say that you do need advice and you need to work your problems on your own
  • Practice meditation to help you regain the energy lost to the toxic people
  • Boost your self-esteem by working on yourself
  • Get to know yourself and what you like, not what the psychic vampire has made you like
  • Try sports and other recreational activities to boost yourself
  • Listen to other people in your life, especially if all of them have a similar view of your psychic vampire friend or relationship
  • Spend some lone time to respect your individuality, do not try to camouflage, you were made different for a reason. No one can understand you better than yourself.

Remember, there is a thin line between self-worth and ego, try not to cross that to become someone else’s psychic vampire. Let each person live his/her life on their own, Loving/caring doesn’t mean intruding anyone’s (can be your spouse, best friend, your kids) personal space.

If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free– Paulo Coelho

Your high self-esteem and self-awareness is an immunity barrier from these parasites. Mostly, these people themselves are not aware of their influence on your life as they are used to live life this way, It is you who is supposed to keep your life from any negativity. Self-love is like a light and light is not known to any darkness. As you switch on the self-esteem, such people will either disappear or change. But do not ever hand over your life in others hand.

I hope you get rid of all the psychic vampires in your life to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Do comment and tell us your ways of getting rid of such narcissists.

Lots of Love


  1. This is very truly said…..everyone have such vampires in their lives…knowingly or unknowingly…..

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