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How to get rid of excess face fat

July 5, 2017

Hello Friends, If heavy cheeks and double chin are what bothering you and make you look fat? Do you have a saggy face? Do you want a well-sculpted face which highlights your facial features like nose and chin? Although you look cute :), Know in case you want to lift them up.

Our body has so many muscles and we work out them to lose body fat, similarly, our face has dozens of muscles and we lose face fat when we workout them. I am sharing few simple expressions that might help you to get that sculpted look. Strengthening muscles directly means losing fat. 😉

facial muscles

You can make your face well toned naturally with simple facial exercise which may hardly take your 5 to 10 minutes daily. These exercises are so simple that you can practice them anytime, anywhere.

What you need to do is to imitate few WhatsApp emojis. 😀

This facial workout will not only make your face look slim but healthy with strong muscles and will your face with improved blood circulation. With this, you are not going to look weak but sculpted, carved and healthy face.

Let’s start step by step 🙂

Step 1:

Imitate this grinning emoji it makes the similar face as when we say cheese. Repeat this 20 times and stretch a little more while doing so.

say cheese face

Step 2

Now copy this cheerful smiling emoji it makes the similar face when you say Aa. Repeat it 20 times and stretch a little more while saying so, like open your mouth to the fullest.


Say aa faceStep 3

Now act like this horror-stricken face or you may also do this by saying a big O. 😀 Repeat it 20 times. You can also scare people around with this face. 😀

say O face

Are not these exercises more of a fun and I am damn sure that you will enjoy doing these and end up laughing seeing yourself in the mirror.

Step 4

Now practice them simultaneously by saying Eee-Ooo-Aaaa and here you sang a chorus. Repeat this 20 times.

Along with this, you can also make faces like pout, laugh and sticking your tongue out. Basic idea is to work on your face muscles which are becoming weak due to lack of movement.

Key points

  1. Your face should be well moisturised before doing this workout otherwise it may loose your skin
  2. Never use downward strokes on your skin, always use upward movements to lift up your skin
  3.  It will take a month at least to show results, so be patient
  4. Keep your skin hydrated and use upward motions whenever you apply any product on your face


I hope this was helpful.

Love 🙂

Yogu ♥

  1. I just tried every bit of exercise described here! It looked as if i wasn’t “working” anything at first but by the time I got to the combination of the 3 facial exercises, i had already started feeling it! I’ve always yearned for a leaner look for my face so I’m definitely gonna add this to my exercise regimen! Thanks for sharing this lovely!

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