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10 habits to improve your life

April 25, 2017

A better life is not achieved just by thinking, it gradually becomes better with better choices and habits in your routine, which may seem very small now but will add great quality to your mental and physical health. You can add these habits each at a time, that way it would be easier for you to adopt them in your life.

Switching to good habits can bring you healthy and happier life as achieving either happiness or good health both are an inside job, thus it needs a healthy body and mind, which can only happen with your small efforts towards your own well-being. I am sharing few ways to do it.



  1. Drink lots of water, you are reading this millionth time and we all are aware of the benefits, still, we mostly forget to drink water after every hour in our busy routine. It just needs a reminder self every hour either by phone reminder or what I do to remind myself is: I keep a litre bottle with me everywhere and I make a target to refill it 3-4 times a day, that is how I remember to drink water and keep track of my everyday water consumption. Drinking water is an effective element for proper brain function as well as for regular removal of toxins for our body.

drink more water

2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, this would be the best thing your body is going to thank you for.  Eating whole fruits with edible peels is a great habit and you can have your veggies either blanched or sautéed. Prefer seasonal foods as they are convenient and best for you. Since fruits and vegetables which are not seasonal are grown with injections of chemicals, hormones and coated with synthetic colours and wax which can lead to serious health problems. Moreover, they are costly too.

seasonal fruits

3. Replace fried and processed snacks with healthy roasted whole grains like popcorn, puffed wheat, lotus-seeds etc.

pop corn


4. Accept yourself, accept your mistakes, stop blaming yourself for small things, appreciate yourself for how far you have come with those mistakes as stepping-stones. Love yourself more than anything, Do what you love daily at least for one hour like playing, dancing, jumping, yoga, listening songs, spending time in nature, call your best people, a simple walk, cooking etc, anything you love. It will help you relieve stress and put you in a happy bubble.

happy bubble


5. Avoid these three whites, table salt, refined flour and sugar.

three white poisons

Mind your portion, eat everything but in moderation. Trick yourself into eating less by serving on a small plate.

Serve in small plate

6.  Get up and move in every hour, work your muscles regularly as no one can do it for you, not even your diet. Your body works in the balance of your diet and workout. Furthermore, it gives you break from your work and helps in relieving stress with freshness. So move when possible

pain cycle

7. Eat homemade food as it is fuller in love, keeping your good health in mind. It is hygienic and has high nutritional value. Whereas food sold in restaurants is processed and are just for taste with the addition of inappropriate substances, your health is not their concern.

ghar ka khana

8. Replace aerated drinks, caffeinated drinks and juices (fresh/canned) with water, lemonade, buttermilk, soymilk, coconut water, milkshakes and other natural drinks. Replace dangerous trans fats (pastries, creams, vanaspati, wafers etc.) with healthy fats like unsaturated fats and omega-3.

good fats

9. Adopt a pet, they are true companions and the real stress busters. They will fill all the voids in your life and will give you all of their love. A pet is never going to let you down and will be forever at your side.


10. Stay away from people who use words like “you are not enough” or “you are too much” and generate negative thoughts in you. Despite stay with people who use positive words.


So these are some of my ways to healthy living. I would love to get one habit from all of you. I would be happy if you could share one with me in the comment section. 🙂

Lots of love


  1. love this post… yogu…specially the 4rth and the last one… self-acceptance … is so important in life to move forward and stay calm….keep it up.. looking forward. more from u..

    1. Thank you so much Akansha for your constant appreciation, it keeps me motivated. I would love if you share the one healthy habit from your life. 🙂

  2. A worth reading article and One more habit can be added for a healthy lifestyle i.e to take proper sleep 🛏
    – wake up early and sleep on time for a calm mind…

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