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Biotique products: Review

May 2, 2017

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that natural is better and turning to organic and natural alternatives thus organic brands are gaining much popularity. Biotique is the natural brand by Vinita Jain, who introduced Swiss Biotechnology to Ayurveda, The outcomes are authentic, 100% vegetarian, devoid of chemicals and preservativescruelty-free, dermatologically tested, eco-friendly products for skin, haircare and wellness products.


Biotique products

Its all products are priced reasonably and are of good quality. I am giving a review of some of its products.


Bio dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

Dandelion serumserum ingredients

The Biotique anti ageing serum is the best product so far from biotique. Its goodness comes from the potential benefits of dandelion flower (dudal). You might have ignored this herb as another weed but it does miracles with the richness of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C as well as B-complex vitamins and known to reduce fine lines, spots and wrinkles around the eyes. The other ingredients include nutmeg oil as you can see in the image.

The serum is of the watery consistency thus gets effortlessly absorbed into the skin. It has the fragrance of dandelion flower and feels so natural. I use it in the morning and before sleep in the night followed by a lotion.

Price: 160 for 40 ml


Baby bio Sensitive body wash

baby wash

Biotique gentle body wash for babies but I love it for myself. With a minimal fragrance which lingers on for long and it also doesn’t dry out the skin.

Price 99 for 120ml

Baby bio nurturing moisture cream

baby creamingredients

Biotique baby moisture cream is of a thick oily consistency and has quite strong fragrance somewhat like of dolls perfumes. It is good if you have dry skin or in winters, but definitely not for people with combination to oily skin and if you are not fond of strong fragrances like me.

Price 65 for 50gm

Bio Morning Nectar face wash


Biotique morning nectar face wash is white cream based and is of a runny consistency. It cleanses skin so well and has a pleasant smell. A small amount of the product is sufficient thus efficient. Suitable for all skin types.

Price 15o for 150 ml

Bio Apricot refreshing body wash


Biotique apricot body wash is a lovely peach coloured gel, makes a good amount of lather and has a natural fragrance, which may not be liked by everyone. Overall it is enriched with the goodness of nature and works well as a body wash.

Price 180 for 190 ml

Bio Aloe Vera 30+ Sunscreen face lotion

Sunscreen body lotionsunscreen

Biotique bio vera sunscreen is white medium consistency cream based lotion with pretty good SPF of 30+. On skin it feels a bit greasy and has a very strong camphor-like smell. Thus provides good protection from the sun despite its unpleasant smell.

Price 290 for 100 ml

I write all reviews based on my experience after using the products for months. I think we should always encourage and give chance to brands which come up with safe alternatives and help them in improving by sharing feedbacks. Recently I am using few more products from biotique thus will write a review on them too.

Lots of love


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