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Finding purpose and passion in life

May 26, 2017

Do you feel you have no passion? Do you feel you don’t have goals and dreams? You can’t find out what you want to do for rest of your life?


Before finding the passion you must know what it exactly is, it is not your hobby, not something you love to do at a moderate level, It is something you have obsessed just a level before the craziness.

It doesn’t always be something exotic or artful, it can be anything like helping others, researching, reading, writing, motivating others, solving problems, serving animals, a kind of art or music or anything. Each of us has at least one such thing in us and the struggle starts when we are not aware of it and are not happy with our life and feel aimless and it is so frustrating, we aren’t happy doing our work and don’t know what to do instead of it or along with it.

One should be happy and not feel trapped in whatever you do, It’s not like I am asking you to sit at home and find your passion. If you enjoy your work and not just working for your survival and you believe you can do it for rest of your life then there is no better thing than this. But some people feel suffocated in cubicles and are in hunt of open sky to breathe.

It’s completely fine and there is nothing wrong in not knowing your passion. Finding your passion is not a destination, it’s a journey you travel while pursuing the path of happiness, You will find it in the middle when you have to choose the path when the road diverts and that instant decision when you have no time to think. You will find it suddenly while doing so if you don’t like something try to find something better than that and just don’t whine about your situation. But whatever you do, do it with your heart.

Your passion will find you when you are open to the universe and embrace changes and are always willing to acquire knowledge and thirsty of learning something new like a baby when you fell so many times, you again tried until you could walk. You know why? Because you didn’t stop to think what people around would think of you. (people are busy thinking about their self and their life most of the time anyways 🙂 ).

Change and try to learn new things (like one thing in a month) and you will eventually find that one thing you love. So, Take out some time for yourself and start learning things you were delaying for so long and start now because you are never too old to learn something. Once you start giving attempts to new things you will come to know yourself better and your capabilities which were right in front of you but you were not able to notice before as we don’t pay much attention to simple things we always seek something big and fancy but plain things have their own beauty. This complex world now needs to revert to simpler things and people.

Give your life more chances to bud and you never know where it will find refuge and starts blooming.

Eventually, your purpose will find you 

P.S  My first blog on life from my experiences and hope to see your thoughts/comments/critics 🙂

Let me know new topics on life to talk about in coming posts.

Lots of love


  1. Life is packed with too much confusion. This is a great article especially for the young adults who are more vulnerable to confusion.Good job 🤗

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