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An effort to be myself

October 30, 2017

Where are we all rushing behind materialism?

As soon as I open my social media,

A makeup video in which a girl turnout in something else, flawless within a couple of minutes with luxurious mac-pac, out of aukaat products. 😀 I scroll down and then a girl flaunting a body with lots of cuts and muscles and then all the girls posting videos on the same. Like each of us keep chasing this or that new trend. Why we can’t be our own trendsetter? Why we always need some brand or a person to copy? Until the time we acquire something, then something else appears and we just keep running behind things, we try to fill the voids in our life by stuffing it with things.

A new beauty trend of that swollen duck lips and matching intruding booty, When I step into a hype showroom with everything white and a boom of some Hollywood music and the dresses I think aren’t worth my money or I am lacking money to buy it and I immediately start feeling low, the girl in the television ad promoting a new phone with a selfie+++ feature, seems to be the happiest. 😀

I figured out one thing common in each of them is their motive, their motive to gain profit by influencing our choices and moulding our choices. With such a catchy taglines like “be yourself”, how one could be his/herself with running behind anyone else’s choice, brands work hard to pretend to be like our own thoughts.

As a result, we end up wasting on things we may not need, just spend mindfully, spend on quality things essential for you. Don’t feel inferior if you aren’t following a certain trend, you are beautiful in your own skin, God has made each of us unique and amazing and none of the trend or fashion can ever make our replica ♥ 🙂

Where are we between all these strong and loud voices? Are we lost? Do we really like everything shown fancy on social media? Do we have that much time to give a chance to our inner self? Or we are blindly following something just because it is famous or the world will not accept us without it?Our own self is somewhere lost in this hustle.

The superstars are superstars and have followers because they have their own opinions and unique bold style statement, like them each of us have our own unique style, so why follow something blindly.

So let’s un-learn the style, trends, fashion and revert to your raw careless form and there you will find the real-self of you, your uniqueness. 🙂

The things have never given happiness to anyone, it is your personality, not your looks which brings happiness to us. Why school life was best, though we used to wear the same dress every day for years. Why do you still have those friends? 

one can never be happy just be with things, spend your precious time and money on priceless things like collecting moments, good health, healthy food, peace, travelling and lifetime experiences.

Don’t just make your life a never-ending competition over assets, which brings anxiety of looking and having things better than anyone, fear of being left behind, people in your life love you for who you are not for how you look and those people are enough for your whole lifetime. 🙂

you only live once.

Lots of Love


  1. Woman or men there is no exception to be look good .some people may feels Beauty will increase their confidence.the thing is what ever you look like you have to be confident In yourself.your persona is what you really look like.

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